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Lindford completed its Village Appraisal in March 2002, and the Parish Council decided that we should build on this to produce a Parish Plan, setting out priorities for the village

On this page you can view:


·        Useful telephone numbers and local information

·        Lindford and environs community events

·        Local news

·        Whitehill/Bordon regeneration

·        Police and crime information




Churches in Lindford

(Posted 19.07.20) Lindford Church is currently live-streaming a short Christian message every Sunday at 10am on its Facebook page. It is currently trialling an invite session only due to the size of the building, will provide further updates. The church is still very active and contactable on the website or Facebook

The Bethel United Apostolic Church meets every Sunday at Lindford Village Hall; see poster for further details.


Royal Exchange reopening

(Posted 24.06.20) The Royal Exchange will reopen for eating in on 4 July. They have sent a comprehensive email about the measures they are taking to keep customers and staff safe. Red Mist Leisure also ask us to continue to support the local businesses that they have been using for their weekly grocery deliveries.


South Central Ambulance Service

(Posted 16.06.20) During these challenging times, South Central Ambulance Service would like to offer its support by sharing resources your communities may find useful. It has also launched two competitions for children and young people, further details can be found here.


Hampshire Fare

(Posted 16.06.20) Hampshire Fare has sent a message to encourage people to continue using local outlets as lockdown restrictions start to be lifted.


Neighbourhood Watch

(Posted 17.04.20) Now, more than ever, it is important that communities come together to support one another in these unprecedented times. Hampshire and Isle of Wight Neighbourhood Watch has for many years provided that ‘voice’ for local communities so that the views and concerns of residents can be addressed with the police and other relevant organisations. The organisation has produced a leaflet about Neighbourhood Watch and how to start one in your area.


Helping the bin crews

(Posted 16.04.20) EHDC has issued some guidelines as to how we can help the bin crews at this difficult time.


Bin collections during the covid-19 outbreak

(Posted 20.03.20) Our recycling and rubbish collections are continuing as normal. Rubbish collection is a high priority council service, provided by Norse South East and we will do everything possible to keep it going whatever the circumstances.  We would ask residents to help us keep the service running and protect your bin collectors by taking certain precautions when disposing of your rubbish. Wherever possible please make sure that all domestic green bin waste is disposed of in sealed bags and that your bin lid is firmly closed. Please continue to place you recycling and garden waste in the usual bins.

For people suffering with symptoms associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), there are Public Health England guidelines regarding the disposal of waste. This includes sealing personal waste such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in smaller plastic bags and storing them for 72 hours before double-bagging your waste and placing it in your green wheeled bin.

For the latest information about changes to any of our services resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic please visit our website.


(Posted 27.03.20) EHDC has issued an update on bin collections at this time.



(Posted 19.03.20) Some good advice has been received as to how to cope if you get Covid-19.


Advice on coronavirus

(Posted 07.03.20) Neighbourhood Watch has produced some recommendations for local communities to follow in case of a Covid 19 outbreak.




Face coverings in shops

(Posted 25.07.20) Most of the shops in East Hampshire have now reopened to the public, with things in place to keep you safe such as screens or limits on the number of people who can enter the shop. If you’re supporting your local shops and shopping safely, thank you. Wearing face coverings in shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, banks, building societies and post offices is now mandatory. It is not mandatory in other venues that have measures in place to protect staff and the public from coronavirus. These include:

·        eat-in restaurants and pubs

·        hairdressers and other treatment salons

·        gyms and leisure centres

·        cinemas, concert halls and theatres

Wearing a face covering will help protect others from you. If you have caught coronavirus but have not developed symptoms, the covering could reduce the chance of you passing it on. Face coverings are not a replacement for keeping your distance from others and washing your hands. It’s important that you wear and store your face covering properly. Make sure you wash or sanitise your hands before putting it on and after taking it off, avoid touching your face and store used face coverings in a plastic bag until you wash them.

Where can I get a face covering

A face covering can be very simple and should cover your mouth and nose. Lots of shops and brands are starting to sell their own face coverings or you could make your own.

What if I can’t wear one?

There are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, where people cannot wear face coverings. Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances and remember that some people are less able to wear them.

What if I don’t want to wear one?

If you do not wear a face covering, the shop you are visiting can refuse you entry. The Police will have powers to issue £100 fines to people who do not wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets.


On-demand travel Whitehill and Bordon

(Posted 14.07.10) The Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company has set up a survey about the prospective new on-demand travel and transport service. See the notification for further details.


Thursley Common Fire

(Posted 05.06.20) The Parish Clerk has received a letter from the clerks of Elstead and Thursley parishes about the devastating fire on Thursley Common Nature Reserve on 30 May. It affected 150 hectares and took crews from 4 counties 3 days to get under control. The letter is about how you might be able to help with all the restoration work which will initially require £20,000.


Hampshire Constabulary Covid-19 leaflet

(Posted 10.04.20) Hampshire Constabulary has produced a leaflet telling people where to get help at this time. There is also a self-print two-up version.


EHDC Covid19 update

(Posted 09.04.20) EHDC has produced a leaflet on Covid19 and what the Council is doing to help.


Community First response

(Posted 25.03.20) Community First has produced a response to Covid-19.


SWR changes timetable

(Posted 24.03.20) SWR will reduce the number of services it will be running from Monday 23 March, following the Government’s announcement urging people to avoid all but essential travel in order to help limit the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. The spread of the COVID-19 means, as at most other organisations, more of our staff are having to follow advice to stay at home unwell and self-isolate for up to 14 days. By reducing the number of trains running, we can focus on ensuring a reliable timetable for passengers who still have to travel, especially healthcare professionals, police and fire service workers.

We are asking all passengers to follow the Government’s advice to avoid all but essential travel. But those passengers who do have to use our services should check before they travel. Our colleagues on the front line are working very hard to ensure that those who need to travel get to where they need to be, when they need to be there, and the rest of the business is focusing on supporting them.  

For more information about what else we’re doing to help stop the spread of coronavirus, please visit:

Thank you in advance for your support during these very difficult times.


EHDC responds to coronavirus

(Posted 20.03.20) East Hampshire District Council is working hard to keep business as usual during the coronavirus pandemic. The government’s advice on preventing the spread of the virus has meant that many of the council’s day-to-day working practices have had to stop or change. However, staff are working hard to ensure that the services residents rely on are still being delivered. Cllr Richard Millard, Leader of EHDC, said: “These are unprecedented times and we are having to take unprecedented measures to work through them. My priority is the safety of residents, staff and councillors, but we still have a job to do. We have had to cancel our forthcoming community events and we will be finding new, safe ways to continue our democratic procedures. We will also be heavily involved in supporting the community and making sure the most vulnerable in our society are helped through this crisis safely. Inevitably things may be difficult as we transition to this new way of working but we are doing our best to keep the wheels turning so please bear with us at this time.”

For regular updates on EHDC services go to:

Council services

Following the government’s guidelines on preventing the spread of coronavirus, staff have been asked to work from home where possible. The council will do everything it can to keep delivering the services residents rely on but in this unprecedented situation there may be some disruption. Our critical services will be prioritised. If you have a query please contact the council through 01730 266551 or on or email



Events held by East Hampshire District Council will be cancelled or postponed. Events already called off are: The Duke of Gloucester’s visit to Whitehill & Bordon – Thursday 26 March; The East Hampshire Sports Awards – Thursday 26 March; Petersfield Dementia Festival – Friday 15 May.


EHDC working in the community

During the coronavirus pandemic, East Hampshire District Council will be working with other councils and organisations to help those affected by the outbreak. We will be liaising with Hampshire County Council and the voluntary sector to provide the right assistance to vulnerable people. EHDC staff that cannot perform their normal duties from home will be redeployed to help with this important community support. Citizens Advice East Hampshire has an advice line for all East Hampshire residents, contactable on 0300 330 9028. It is also offering a more extensive service to residents needing extra support. This service went live on Wednesday 18 March.


Business support

While people are being asked to avoid social contact, many businesses will inevitably be hit. The government has introduced significant measures to support our local businesses, particularly small businesses and those in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Some businesses will not be expected to pay business rates while others may be eligible for a £10,000 grant. The council is liaising with the government to work out the detail of these schemes and more information will be posted on the webpage


Council meetings

The council is currently assessing which council meetings are essential and how best to run those that are. The safety of councillors, staff and attending residents is paramount. Officers will be encouraged to take part remotely where possible and public attendance will be limited according to space, allowing for safe separation between individuals. Meetings will be streamed online where possible. As far as possible the council will continue to pursue its normal business but some delegated decision-making powers will be taken up by the Leader of the council, Cllr Richard Millard, and by council officers.


Bus pass extensions

(Posted 20.03.20) Hampshire County Council is extending the time that free bus passes can be used by senior citizens. The 9.30 am restriction is to be lifted at this time. See dor further information. This applies to all public transport services on which people can currently use their bus passes including community transport services and Taxishare schemes.

Access Hampshire

(Posted 10.12.19) Hampshire Countryside Service has issued a newsletter about its activities.


Community First

(Posted 06.02.19) Community First East Hampshire exists to strengthen the voluntary sector in the district by offering training, general organisational support and help with volunteer recruitment and management. The latest newsletter contains lots of interesting information and news for groups involved in the local community in East Hampshire. It contains links to some very useful websites. Community First has also produced a newsletter of community news in the Whitehill and Bordon area.


PPG newsletter

(Posted 14.10.19) The January newsletter of the Patient Participation Group of Badgerswood and Forest Surgeries is now available.





(Posted 29.08.19) The Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company has produced a newsletter which can be viewed here.




Coronavirus fraud

(Posted 17.06.20) Action Fraud has produced advice about how to protect yourself against coronavirus-related fraud.


Reporting anti-social behaviour

(Posted 30.04.20) Petersfield Neighbourhood Office reports: On Wednesday 29th April 2020 Hampshire Constabulary will provide members of the public with the option to report incidents of anti-social behaviour online via the force website.  This builds on the existing user-friendly functionality to report crime online which we have seen the public make good use of. Since our online reporting platform went live in July 2018, evidence has shown that online contact has largely replaced traditional contact via telephone and has not made a significant impact on overall demand.  This functionality has always been part of the development plan for method of contact and this work has been brought forward as part of our response to COVID19.  All reports will be assessed promptly on receipt to ensure there is no immediate threat, risk or harm.  Online reporting is an enabler for our Contact Management Team to manage demand more effectively, it will not change how reports of ASB are managed by frontline staff or how this information is shared with partners.


Scam alert

(Posted 30.04.20) Hampshire Constabulary has issued a COVID-19 Scam Awareness flyer outlining some of the most common scams being seen at the moment. Please note these scams are evolving all the time so you may see different variations or new ones popping up which may not be included in this flyer. To keep up to date we recommend signing up to Hampshire Alert ( and Action Fraud ( for notifications. The self-print black and white version is particularly helpful for vulnerable and elderly members of the community as well as those who do not use social media. The web friendly version can be shared on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.

Hampshire Constabulary has also issued a bulletin about scams during this time.


Local Neighbourhood Watch

(Posted 27.03.20) At 05.57 on Thursday 26 March someone was caught on CCTV in Lynwood Close and Grayshott Laurels walking up drives and trying car doors. Please always ensure car doors are locked as this crime takes seconds but can leave a lasting impact. 


Crime prevention bulletin

(Posted 02.06.20) The Hampshire Constabulary has produced the July Crime Prevention Bulletin.

Trading Standards bulletin

(Posted 02.03.20) Hampshire County Council has issued a Trading Standards scam bulletin.












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