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Lindford completed its Village Appraisal in March 2002, and the Parish Council decided that we should build on this to produce a Parish Plan, setting out priorities for the village

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Loan scheme for new boiler

(Posted 23.10.17) A council-led scheme is offering residents of Whitehill, Bordon and Lindford an interest-free loan to improve the energy efficiency of their home. The Eligibility criteria:

·        Residents of Whitehill, Bordon and Lindford (GU35 residents)

·        Homeowners or private tenants (with landlord’s agreement)

·        Residents in receipt of certain eligible benefits, additional financial support might be available.

Loan details:

·        Interest-free loan

·        Installation of one (1) home energy improvement only

·        £7,000 maximum towards the cost of the installation.

Payment requirement and process

·        Repayment over 5 years

·        Equity of at least £20,000 equity + the costs of the installation (ie £20,000 equity + £7,000 worth of installation = £27,000 equity is required).

·        Loan attached to property by a Land Charge (cost around £50 to be paid to Land Registry).


Golden mile in a healthy town

(Posted 23.10.17) Bordon Infant School pupils are going to spend more of their time being active after signing up to a county-wide scheme that encourages youngsters to spend more time walking, jogging and running. Set up this Spring, the Golden Mile aims to increase the amount of time each day pupils from Hampshire and Isle of Wight are active. It encourages pupils to walk, skip, hop, jog or run around a measured distance - the Golden Mile track - within the safety of the school grounds. The initiative is coordinated by Energise Me (county sports partnership for Hampshire and IOW), with support from East Hampshire District Council’s Healthy New Town Programme, to ensure the children of Whitehill & Bordon are active. The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable physical activity initiative accessible to all pupils regardless of age or ability. Any infant, junior, primary or special school can sign up. By participating in the project, schools will not only provide their pupils with greater access to physical activity but they will also see the wider gains of regular activity with improved health benefits, improved classroom behaviour and concentration levels. The Golden Mile is free to all schools that sign up with Energise Me. Schools are required to send a named coordinator to a training session to get started.  It is simple to implement into the school day and the Golden Mile Monitors (pupils) run the initiative within the school. Cllr Ferris Cowper, Portfolio Holder for Whitehill & Bordon, said:

“The Golden Mile is another great scheme that is being introduced in Whitehill & Bordon to make sure children are keeping active. We would ideally like to see all schools in Whitehill & Bordon sign up to the project as they are all part of a Healthy New Town so it is important they get involved in these schemes and ensure their pupils are doing a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day. EHDC is delighted to support schemes like this one. We are extremely pleased to see that Bordon Infant School has signed up and look forward to seeing it being implemented very soon.”

For more information on the Golden Mile and to sign up, please email: or visit:


Park and Stride

(Posted 16.10.17) A new project that encourages youngsters to walk to school has been introduced in Whitehill & Bordon as part of the Healthy New Town programme. The My Journey ‘Park and Stride’ scheme, coordinated by Hampshire County Council with support from the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company and East Hampshire District Council’s Healthy New Town programme, encourages parents and students of Bordon Infant and Junior Schools to either walk to school from their homes or park in one of the four designated car parks and walk from there. Park and Stride is being implemented in Whitehill & Bordon to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Walking to school is great for boosting brain power, becoming street savvy, enjoying quality family time and saving money. Children need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day and walking to school is an excellent way of doing this.

The four car parks that are available to use for the Park and Stride initiative are: 

·        Hampshire Road car park which has a capacity of 12 spaces and is 300 metres from the schools.

·        Garrison Pool car park which has a capacity of 30 spaces and is a 60 metre walk to the schools.

·        Guadeloupe car park, has 15 spaces and is a 600 metre walk to the schools.

·        Martinique car park which is only available until 8:45am for Park and Stride, this car park has 10 spaces and is 300 metres from the schools.

Cllr Ferris Cowper, Portfolio Holder for Whitehill & Bordon, said: “This is an excellent way of incorporating exercise into people’s every day lives. “We are totally committed, here at East Hampshire District Council, to helping people, especially children, live as active lives as they can. “I encourage all families to get involved in the scheme and help make Whitehill & Bordon an even healthier town!”

To see the Park and Stride map for Whitehill & Bordon visit: For more information on healthier ways to get to school visit:


Beehive newsletter

(Posted 12.10.17) Beehive, the pre-school group at the Village Hall, has produced a newsletter.


Buzz 2017

(Posted 04.10.17) Discover ways to stay healthy and happy in Whitehill and Bordon at Buzz on Sunday 15 October in the Forest Community Centre.


Surgery signposting

(Posted 20.09.17)  Surgery Signposting volunteers link local people with support services offered by local community groups. The aim is to connect you to the information and support you need to live an active, happy and healthy lifestyle. See poster for further details.


Flushing of water mains

(Posted 14.09.17) South East Water is due to carry out maintenance on the water network starting Monday 18 September and plan to be working in the area for approximately four weeks. The process is called flushing and involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw sediment deposits, such as iron or manganese, out of the network. While these naturally-occurring deposits are not harmful, customers may see discoloured water temporarily. This can be solved by running the main tap – usually the kitchen tap – until the water runs clear. Some customers may also notice a reduction in water pressure and, again, this is temporary. The reason for carrying out this routine work is to help maintain the quality of the drinking water supply. See letter and leaflet for further information.


Floodwater management

(Posted 13.09.17) Message from the Flood and Water Management Team:

Unfortunately it is fast becoming the time of year when we need to think about the state of Hampshire’s land drainage network. As the rain begins in earnest and leaves begin to fall, all riparian owners (those who have watercourses on or bordering their properties) across Hampshire, and beyond, should be looking at the state of their drainage ditches, culverts and other watercourses to ensure the clear transference of rain water and a reduced risk of localised flooding. Please find a poster detailing what responsibilities riparian owners have and guidance on how to undertake this maintenance to reduce flooding from surface water after rain event. Please feel free to share this poster with residents, publish in parish magazines etc. or put on your website if you believe it will be useful. If you have any further enquiries regarding this or any other areas of flood risk management, please visit our website at  


Deadwater Valley Trust

(Posted 07.09.17) The Deadwater Valley Trust (DVT) is organising a nature art competition; click here to view the rules. Entries should be received by Monday 30 October.

It is organising two half-term events: a Halloween party on 27 October and a pre-history day on 26 October.

The DVT has published a full list of autumn events. Contact Jenny, the Wildlife Ranger, on 01420 479070 or or through the facebook page.


Village agent

(Posted 07.09.17) Age Concern Is keen to recruit a village agent in Lindford. See the poster and article for further details.


Prince Philip Park consultation

(Posted 31.08.17) A town centre community consultation is to be held on Saturday 6 October from 10am to 4pm on the proposed first phase of the new town centre. For further information call 01420 489060 or visit


Fireworks and funfair

(Posted 08.05.17) There will be fireworks and a funfair at Country Market on Wednesday 1 November from 17.30. A free bus service will be available. See poster for further details.


Bordon Business Exchange

(Posted 18.03.16) Members of the Bordon Business Exchange ( meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 8.00-10.00am at The Royal Exchange, Lindford. The format is informal networking over breakfast, then a short update on the Bordon and Whitehill regeneration project at 9 am. This is followed by a 20 minute presentation celebrating the successes and failures of a local business, followed by a led discussion. Other more specialised events could potentially ‘spin off’ from this general networking forum. For example, a startup ‘SOUP’ meeting is planned for the middle of the year to attract less established businesses in the area. Partners are: Red Mist (Julian Clarke); The B & W Regeneration Company (James Child); Enterprise Nation (Emma Selby).




Woodland Trust

(Posted 18.10.17) the Woodland Trust is appealing for people to join in order to save our ancient woodland.


Alton Sports Centre

(Posted 18.10.17) EHDC has issued a press release about the opportunity Alton residents had to view the plans for the new Sports Centre.


HALC celebrates 70 years

(Posted 18.10.17) The Hampshire Association of Local Councils has produced a press release to celebrate its 70th anniversary.


Volunteer awards

(Posted 04.10.17) The East Hampshire Volunteer Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday 29 November 2017. Nominations should be received by Tuesday 17 October. Award criteria have been published along with information about nominating people both for organisations and businesses.


Milland monthly cinema

(Posted 28.07.17) Milland cinema usually meets on the last Thursday of the month at Milland Village Hall at 8pm. Tickets are available from Milland Community Store (01428 741066) or on the door on the night. Supper (£5) is available beforehand if you book it beforehand with the people at the store. The following are the films selected for the next few months (see the full programme for further details):

26 October                  Their Finest

30 November              Hidden Figures

21 December              A Quiet Passion


Rural Services Network

(Posted 24.08.17) The Rural Services Network has produced a newsletter for older people in rural areas and a general newsletter.


Wheels to work

(Posted 10.07.17) East Hampshire District Council has agreed continued funding of £16,500 towards the Wheels to Work scheme which makes ten mopeds available to help people get to work. Wheels to Work was set up by Hampshire County Council to help people with limited access to public or private transport by loaning them a moped at a nominal weekly charge. The scheme has been available across East Hampshire since 2009, enabling people to get to job interviews, vocational training or employment opportunities. For £17 to £20 a week, depending on the age and type of moped, users of the scheme can hire a moped which is fully taxed and insured, with full breakdown and service cover. Hirers will also be provided with safety equipment such as a helmet, gloves and a high visibility vest. Compulsory basic training is also covered in the cost. The mopeds can be loaned for six to 12 months by anyone aged 16 and above, and the scheme assists hirers in making sure they have continued transport arrangements in place once the loan period has ended. A 42-year-old user of the scheme from Whitehill & Bordon, said: “Since having the moped, I have gone from being casual agency staff to being employed on a full time contract with the company.“

 If you are interested in hiring a moped, or would like more information about the scheme, visit: or email


Petersfield Scoiety

(Posted 03.06.17) The Petersfield Society has published its summer 2017 newsletter.


EHDC Councillors’ newsletter

(Posted 26.05.17) EHDC has produced a newsletter for Parish and Town Councillors.



(Posted 29.03.17) This is a reminder that the village now has a defibrillator which is located at Londis store. Jackie Taylor-Green has been trained in its use. The device is designed to be used by the public without training as it guides a user step-by-step. 


Community First

(Posted 06.03.17) Community First East Hampshire exists to strengthen the voluntary sector in the district by offering training, general organisational support and help with volunteer recruitment and management.

The latest newsletter contains lots of interesting information and news for groups involved in the local community in East Hampshire. It contains links to some very useful websites.


PPG newsletter

(Posted 07.07.17) The July newsletter of the Patient Participation Group of Badgerswood and Forest Surgeries is now available.





(Posted 18.10.17) A newsletter has been produced giving an update of the progress on the relief road.


East Hampshire District Council has set up a website at where, among other things, you will find a newsletter.




Fraudulent activity

(Posted 18.09.17) Longmoor Neighbourhood Policing Team has received reports of a scam that is currently circulating in the area. Residents have reported that they have received calls on their landline and on some occasions on their mobile phone. The caller is claiming to be Detective Martin Collins from the Police Fraud Squad. The caller is advising residents that there has been fraudulent activity on their bank account in the Birmingham area and is requesting residents go to their bank to withdraw money that they do not disclose the nature of the call to anyone. In some reports, the caller has requested that the residents take the withdrawn money to a location or that they will send a courier to the address to collect the money. Please remember:

·        The Police will NEVER ask for your bank account details.

·        The bank will NEVER call you to ask you to verify your personal details or PIN by phone. Hang up if you get a call like this.

·        If you need to call your bank back to check, wait five minutes; fraudsters may stay on the line after you hang up. Alternatively, use a different line altogether to call your bank.

·        NEVER tell anyone your PIN number.

·        NEVER give personal information or bank account details to anyone over the phone.

·        NEVER hand over your card, money or valuables to someone at the door to be sent off elsewhere.

If someone comes to your door claiming to be a police officer, always ask to see their identification. Close the door and call 101 to check they are genuine, a real police officer will not mind waiting whilst you check. If you would like to report a similar incident, you can contact us on 101. Alternatively you can contact Action Fraud on 03001232040.


Advice on weddings

(Posted 08.06.17) Action Fraud has sent advice about avoiding fraud in relation to organising weddings.

With the upcoming Wedding Season, and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. According to ‘’, in 2017 the average wedding cost is approximately £30,111.  This will be paid out to multiple vendors, including photographers, caterers, reception venues and travel companies, to name a few.  Many of these services will require booking at least several months in advance and you may be obliged to pay a deposit or even the full balance at the time. Being aware of the potential risks and following the prevention advice below could minimise the likelihood of fraud.

Paying by Credit Card will provide you with protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, for purchases above £100 and below £30,000. This means that even if a Company goes into liquidation before your big day, you could claim a refund through your Credit Card Company.

Social Media - Some companies run their businesses entirely via social media sites, offering low cost services. While many are genuine, some may not be insured or may even be fraudulent. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself: 

·         Ensure you obtain a physical address and contact details for the vendor and verify this information.  Should you experience any problems, you will then be able to make a complaint to Trading Standards or consider pursuing via the Small Claims Court.

·        Ensure you obtain a contract before paying money for services.  Make certain you fully read and understand what you are signing and note the terms of cancellation.  

Consider purchasing Wedding Insurance - Policies vary in cover and can be purchased up to two years in advance.  They can protect you from events that would not be covered under the Consumer Credit Act.  

Complete research on each vendor, ensuring you are dealing with a bona fide person or company.  Explore the internet for reviews and ratings and ask the vendor to provide details of past clients you can speak to. You should do this even if using companies recommended by a trustworthy friend or source.   

 For services such as wedding photographers, beware of websites using fake images. Look for inconsistencies in style; Meet the photographer in person and ask to view sample albums. If you like an image from a wedding, ask to view the photographs taken of the whole event so you can see the overall quality.  

Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it probably is!









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