District Councillor Yvonne Parker Smith

I have lived in Lindford for 20 years and have been District Councillor representing Lindford for 12 years

I have lived in Lindford for 22 years and have been District Councillor representing Lindford for 15 years.

I ran Lindford Ladies for many years and am President of the League of Friends, Chase Hospital, Bordon.

A new PPG (Patients Participation Group) has been formed between Badgerswood Surgery and Forest Surgery (Headley and Bordon). This Group is to disseminate information about the practices of the two surgeries and to improve communication. I am on the committee, and leading on communications.

I currently chair the North East Forum, which is the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and give their views.

In the past, I have had the honour of being Chairman of East Hants District Council, and serving on the cabinet, my area of special interest being Social Inclusion/Rural Deprivation for which the Council won an award.

I sit on a Scrutiny Committee which meets regularly.

I will be attending a seminar for the new Localism Agenda which will give local residents more say in their local areas.

I am always available to assist any resident of Lindford who has a problem. If I cannot resolve this myself, I always know whom to contact in our Local Authority.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01420 489974.


Update 06.04.19

Having had the honour of representing Lindford as your District Councillor for twenty years, I am stepping down and will not seek re-election this May.

Increasing years and declining health have brought about this decision.  I wish to thank all of you who have voted for me over the years.

I will continue to be as active as I can in the community.





Yvonne Parker Smith
District Councillor
tel. 01420 489974, email: yvonne@yvonneparker-smith.wanadoo.co.uk





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