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Outline Application- 3 semi detached dwellings with supporting car parking after demolition of existing dwelling (Landscaping to be considered).

Case No: 31613/009

Three Oaks, 104 Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RR


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T1 Ash - Fell and remove the final Ash Tree stem in front garden. (Please note Mrs Kay Hawkes, 11 Clover Close has already applied for permission to fell the second stem which has been granted. The stem was felled and removed on 16/01/2019). (TPO)

Case No:


Leyspring, 17 Clover Close, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0YH

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Amendment to application

T17 - Oak - Crown reduction to 14 metres spread and 14 metres height (Amended Description)

Case No: 39262/003

16 Privet Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0YL


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T17 - Oak - Crown reduction to 17.5 metres spread and 17.5 metres height

Case No: 39262/003

16 Privet Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0YL


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Two storey side extension

Case No: 57481/001

23 Heather Drive, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RN


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Proposed tree works in TPO Areas (EH469)03 (See attached Schedule)

Case No: 38503/021

Land at, Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon


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Single storey extension to rear

Case No: 58041

2 Cricket Lea, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0PY


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Retention of shed

Case No: 51767/002

Green Gables, Mount Pleasant Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0PR


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Permission granted 21 January 2019

T31 Ash Tree - Removal of large decaying stem to ground level

Case No: 36416/002

Leyspring, 17 Clover Close, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0YH


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Permission granted 19 December 2018

T1 Oak - Remove epicormic from main stem, Lift lower crown to 5.5 metres from ground level, Reduce overall crown back to previous pruning points (approx 2 metres) leaving a finished height of approx 18 metres and finished spread of approx 16 metres

Case No: 34529/007

Briley Oak, 20 Windsor Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RY


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Permission granted 28 December 2018

Garden/hobby room following demolition of shed. (HSE)

Case No: 57532

Pightle, 39 Mill Lane, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0PE


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Permission granted 14 December 2018

2 x Hornbeam To reduce height and width of both trees.

Case No: 25608/008

46 Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RG


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Permission granted 12 December 2018

Lawful development certificate proposed - replacement roof from glass to interlocking clay tiles with velux windows

Case No: 54705

12 Sycamore Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RD


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Permission granted 20 December 2018

Change of use of land from agricultural for use as tennis court and fencing

Case No: 28282/011

Hamilton House, Mill Lane, Headley, Bordon, GU35 0PD


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Permission refused 17 December 2018

Oak - Crown Lift to 5.5m

a. 4 x Low Hanging Branches on Chase Road - Reduce length by approx. 2.5-3.0m to meet 5.5 m lift over road

b. 3 x Overhanging Branches Chase Flats Parking & Electrical Pole & Cables - Reduce branch length approx 2.5-3.0m so they are clear of pole cables and overhang.

c. 1 x Branch Overhang Drive Entrance 12 and 14 Chase Road - Reduce branch length approx 2m to clear drive

d. 1 x Higher Branch With Split/Scar Over Front Garden/Drive 14 Chase Road - Reduce branch length approx. 4.5m to just before split/scar.

Number of dead wood branches to be removed in process

Case No: 30519/008

14 Chase Road, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RG


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Permission granted 18 October 2018

Repair existing storm damage and improve the internal and external appearance of the building.

Case No: 54842

Lindford Bridge, Lindford Road, Bordon


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