Andy Tree

Andy Tree

Neville Taylor, Councillor and District Councillor

Neville Taylor

Dear Residents

It has been an absolute privilege to have been elected to represent the village I have called home for the last 12 years.

As your District Councillor I will be your voice at East Hampshire District Council.

As a husband, father and step-dad, I am passionate about our village, our demographics and our needs and I will fight to ensure we get what we are entitled to.

Whilst there is not much change within the village, next door we have a £1bn regeneration taking place which really does affect each and every one of us.

My priorities for the year ahead are to work with Hampshire County Council to ensure our children can get to the new Oakmoor School safely and in line with the healthy green town status Bordon is trying to achieve. I fully believe in, and have the support of parents for, a bus service at school times starting in Headley Down and routing itself through Lindford to the School.

Another impact which I am working with residents on is the increased number of HGV vehicles attending the Treatment Works at the end of Canes Lane. Not only is there an increase in vehicles, they are at unsociable times of the day and night with reports of residents woken at 3am by the sound of an HGV. I am currently in consultation with Thames Water over this issue.

Whilst there is not much in the way of Developers Contributions in Lindford, we are entitled to apply for funds from Whitehill Bordon due to the impact the redevelopment has on us and the boundary line. I am determined to get every penny that I can for Lindford to help support our open spaces, our environment and our community facilities.

If you are on Social Media, please do follow my page which is I will be updating this regularly on what I am up to, what I am supporting and how I am voting in the East Hampshire Council Chambers.

Please do feel free to contact me on my mobile which is 07920 482162 or my email which is

Whilst my home telephone number is listed on the East Hampshire Councillors page, due to having a small baby, it would be preferred if my mobile was used as preference.

I look forward to supporting you all and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neville Taylor
District Councillor

Tel: 07920 482162