February News Update

February update

Could we please ask residents to review and comment on both the Hampshire County Council Future Services Consultation (Spending cuts) as well as the EHDC local plan (Housing.) Links to both can be found on our website and social media.

Artificial grass repair:

We are awaiting confirmation of a start date for the replacement artificial grass at the village hall.

Mimosa Swing:

The swing has been repaired by councillor Derek Barr.

Speed signs and speed watch:

We are awaiting confirmation at the financial year end that funds remain to purchase a replacement SLR (Speed limit reminder sign).

With traffic now moving through the Headley Road we will resume Speed Watch training with an aim to get out on site next month. There is regular training available, if you are interested in signing up please contact the parish office.

We also have the option of a fixed speed camera. We would require an approved location and a license. Council will be voting on whether we want this addition at next months meeting.


Councilors are still seeking ideas and projects. Our original playground project was rejected for funding initially. No further ideas have been put forward so we will review next month whether we revise and pursue this project again.

Moss removal:

The village hall has a large amount of moss on the roof and after seeking a number of quotes we have selected a local company to undertake this work.

Council fees and charges:

Hire charges have been reviewed and we have decided to hold our prices for allotments and the village hall hire. There will however be an additional £5 charge for bouncy castles due to the large amount of energy used to keep these inflated. We hope hall users will understand this will help cover the extra cost.
We are also looking to bring in an online booking system.

Recruitment of councillor:

Michael Smith has stepped down and we are awaiting confirmation that we can proceed with a co-option of a new parish councillor. Anyone interested in finding out more information on what’s involved or applying should contact the parish office. Co-option will take place at our next meeting on 5th March.

Long standing councillor Derek Barr has confirmed he will be standing down at the end of the council year and therefore a further position will be available from May 2024. We thank Derek for his service and support.