Hampshire Association of Local Councils Award 2021 ‘CLERK OF THE YEAR’

Hampshire Association of Local Councils present Lindford Clerk with Clerk of the Year Award.

HALC representative Jane Ives attended the Parish Office to award a prestigious award to our Clerk Stephen Holden. Stephen started as a volunteer secretary to the Village Hall Committee, during which time he won an award from EHDC for services to volunteering. In 2015 he started as Parish Clerk; and secured the title of Parish Council of the Year for Lindford soon afterwards.

Over the past year Stephen has proved that he is consistently proactive in managing whatever comes his way. Recognising the need for a broad remit of general updates in the way our Parish presents itself to the residents of the village, Stephen oversaw a successful re-working of the Lindford Parish website with appropriate help from Councillors.

Aware of the need to maintain and update the site in future, Stephen arranged for ongoing professional input management, and had an interactive map included on the site. He also spearheaded an online questionnaire about Lindford for residents to partake in; the results of which have been published on the website.

Stephen suffered from a rare spinal disorder Transverse Myelitis in 2007, spending six months in hospital. He was left disabled. This opened his mind to disability issues and helped form the Whitehill and Bordon Disability Action Group. He remains as Chairman of the group whilst managing Parish issues.

In response to current environmental concerns, Stephen has instigated a large tree planting project in our area. As a result, we now have a fledgling fruit orchard next to the Village Hall, and an avenue of saplings on one of our Green Spaces; with more planting to be undertaken in the near future.