January 2024 News Update

January update

Contact from residents:

We have had a higher volume of contact from residents than usual. These mostly relate to the SSEN roadworks and overflowing bins.

Information on all roadworks are available on the one network website:
one.network Map | uk.one.network

Lindford Parish Council are now involved in a monthly meeting with SSEN and HCC highways to be kept up to date with progress and changes. We unfortunately don’t have much say in what goes on but after our meeting with Damien Hinds it does look more likely that SSEN will pause the roadworks between Bordon and Alton during the exam period to allow those children to get to school on time without a long detour and added stress. We hope this will be agreed and will bring you more information if it is.

With regards to the overflowing bins we have been in contact with EHDC. Unfortunately, we received no response but it does look as though the bins have now been emptied. We will keep an eye on this.

District and County Councillor updates:

Full monthly updates from Penny Flux and Andy Tree are available with our official minutes but I would like to draw your attention to Hampshire County Councils £132 million shortfall. Cuts have to be made, but you can have your say via an online survey. Paper copies are also available in libraries. https://www.hants.gov.uk/News/08012024FutureServicesConsultation

If you are interested in where and how HCC funds have been spent, please take a look at the link below https://www.hants.gov.uk/aboutthecouncil/budgetspendingandperformance

Revised fruit tree planting:

EHDC “grow up” initiative provides funding for fruit trees and we have decided to go ahead with planting a replacement tree on the orchard and 2 on Mimosa Green.

Artificial grass repair:

A contractor has now been approved and we are seeking funding to replace the grass. However, if no funding options are available the Parish Council reserves (for unforeseen expenses and repairs) will be used for this now much needed repair.

Mimosa Swing:

The swing is still broken, a repair is unsuitable and we will purchase a new seat.

SLR (Speed Limit Reminder sign):

Our sign is beyond economical repair and we are currently seeking a replacement.

S106 funding (from new build properties):

Councilors are seeking ideas for a legacy project. All ideas welcome.

Christmas decorations:

Thank you to all of the businesses who donated; Tame The Taxman, Lindford Club, Woolmer Lions as well as individual contributions from councillors Ron Ruttle and Emma Keeling. A huge thank you to the council members who took the time to decorate the village and keep on top of changing the rechargeable batteries which was quite some task this year.  We have a small pot of funds left over and are looking to purchase some new lights in the January sales.

Summer fete:

Our working party have started summer fete preparations. If you are interested in having a stall or sponsoring an event or just helping out on the day, we would love to hear from you. Please contact admin@lindfordpc.co.uk

Council fees and charges:

Following advice from our recent audit and with increasing costs we have decided to review the hire charges of the hall and the allotments.

Annual Parish Meeting

This will be held on 7th May 2024 at the village hall. All are invited to attend.

We are currently looking for a speaker to present, if anyone would like to be involved or has any recommendations please get in touch.

 We will have an election of our chair and vise chair prior to the start of the meeting.