June 2024 News Update


The Parish Council review all planning applications that are submitted within the village. There are very few grounds that we can object on but we do put our view forward to East Hants. The planning portal has been down for a number of weeks but is now back up and working. Residents can view and comment on all planning applications via EHDC website.

Overgrown trees

The weather has resulted in some fast growing trees over recent weeks. These are causing quite a few problems around the village, for drivers and pedestrians. Can we please remind residents that it is your responsibility to cut back your trees and shrubs. If they are encroaching on footpaths causing pedestrians to step into the road this is very dangerous. Can you please take the time to check around your property and see if any work might be required.

Bottle Bank

The bottle bank on Chase Road has again been left full and over flowing. The Parish Council report this regularly to try and get it emptied in a timely manner. It has come to our attention that the nearest bottle bank is Grayshott and with Liphooks having been removed and even the bottle bank at Bordon Tip, we are seeing residents from all over the area depositing their glass bottles in the Lindford bin which is why it is always full. We have been given a second bin and will continue to monitor the situation but feel it is a wider issue. Please remember leaving bags of glass bottles next to the bin is classed as fly tipping and you could be fined.

New bus shelter

We are delighted to inform you that we will be in receipt of some CIL funds which will be used to replace the bus stop on the Liphook Road opposite the Royal Exchange. Plans are for work to commence this month.

District and County Councillor updates from Penny Flux and Andy Tree can be found in full on our website however a couple of important items to note:

There are new uniformed officers in the area covering items such as dog fowling, fly tipping, poor parking, anti social behaviour etc. Instances of dog fowling and fly tipping are being reported frequently to us by residents. Reports can be made online via EHDC website for the new team to investigate.

Any decisions from Hampshire County Council on the closure of Bordon tip are now on hold until October due to the general election.

Finance and accounts

Our annual audit has taken place and our accounts are available for public view between the 10th of June and 19th of July.



We will be purchasing some top soil for the allotments to help with the raised beds that have been built to over come the drainage problems. If you have an allotment and are not using it please consider giving this up to allow other residents on the waiting list to take them on.

Sound System

The sound system and hearing loop have been in the village hall since it was built and are in need of a little TLC. We have had some quotes to update this to also include outside speakers for use at events and a head mic which can be used by our dance and pilates instructors with their hall bookings. We hope this is something we can complete in the coming months.


We had been hoping to work with the Future Skills Centre to make a bench for the garden at the village hall. However, with the Centre due to close this will no longer happen. We have discussed a memorial bench for Glen Dorans of Imadene Gardens and have decided the bench on Pear Tree green will be renovated by councillors in his memory.

Shade at the village hall

The new artificial grass at the village hall is looking great, however it is proving very warm under foot. We are looking to add a sail to the garden to provide some much needed shade during the summer months.

Swings on Pear Tree

The swings on Pear Tree green are washed regularly, however they are a target for birds. We have decided its time the seats were replaced and will also look at deterrents to stop the birds from perching directly above them.

Welfare of the Geese

We are very sad to see that just 2 geese remain in the village. The Parish Council and majority of residents are very fond of the geese and their antics. We will be speaking to the resident at The Mill to see if there is anything we can do to keep the remaining geese safe.

Summer Fete

With a month to go plans are firmly in place. You should start to see posters and banners popping up around the area. We have a large number of local businesses in attendance. Please follow our Facebook event for further updates.

Working Parties

The Council will review working parties over the next few months. We have one in place currently for the summer fete and have used them in the past for Christmas lights. This enables us to work with other like minded residents to get more things done around the village. The next working party is likely to be for the replacement of The Chase Farm Playground provided we can obtain grant funding.