March 2024 News Update

March update:

SSEN Roadworks

Our frustrations continue with the roadworks however progress is being made. The section of road under traffic management near Broxhead is awaiting couplings which are due next week with completion imminent. A water pipe was unfortunately damaged opposite Altis a few weeks ago but thankfully was quickly repaired. The works have now reached the mini roundabout by Lindford Club and are still on target.

Fixed assets

We are approaching our accounting year end with the only additional fixed asset purchased this year being a new defibrillator cabinet. We have been given a grant by Andy Tree as County Councilor to replace our broken Speed Limit Reminder sign which has been ordered. We are also in the process of confirming funding with HCC for 2 speed cameras to be placed in the village. These will monitor “regular offenders” who will receive letters from the police.

Tree planting

We were lucky enough to receive funding for 4 new fruit trees which have been placed on the green by the village hall and also Mimosa green in the Martin Grant estate. We were joined by children from the beehive nursery who were learning about where their food comes from.

Repairs at the village hall

Moss removal from the roof will be undertaken this month followed by the long awaited artificial grass replacement beginning on 8th April.

Spring Newsletter

Our next newsletter with updated will be distributed around the Easter weekend. We are always open to ideas and suggestions for the newsletter and if any residents would like to submit a articles for consideration we would be delighted to receive them.

Summer Fete

Plans for our summer fete are well underway with your usual favorites The Back Yard Bug experience, Hollybrook Mobile Farm and Dolly Pots plus plenty of new diverse stalls from local residents, clubs, charities and schools.

Co-option of new council members

We have received interest from 7 people regarding the current available councillor position and will be co-opting a new councillor at next months meeting on 2nd April.


Annual Parish Meeting

This will be held on 7th May 2024 at the village hall. All are invited to attend.