November News Update

November update

Road closure:

We invited SSE to come along to our meeting to discuss the forthcoming road closures in Lindford. We were given a vast amount of information but the important facts relevant to residents are below:

  • The road closure is due to the relocation of the substation in Bordon. Initially the location meant works to Mill Chase Road and Challet Hill earlier in the year which were scrapped. The new location means the shortest route is via Lindford.
  • They will be resurfacing Mill Chase Road and Challet Hill during the Easter school holidays after poor repair work was reported.
  • It is not safe to close part of the road due to the width.
  • The initial road closure begins on 13th November and is due to end on 16th February 2024.
  • The road will be fully open from 8th December to 8th January 2024 for Christmas break.
  • The team will work on a 100 meter stretch of road closure at a time. They dig 20 meters per day starting from the Bordon crossroads.
  • The footpath will remain open to pedestrians and SSE will keep the path clear from any overgrowth during their works on the road.
  • Broxhead Farm Road will be open for the initial start of the works. Estimated that this section will likely be closed from the new year.
  • The right hand turn restriction at the top of Broxhead Farm Road will not be removed due to the safety concerns that resulted in its restriction initially.
  • The closure up to Frensham Lane is phase 1 only. The works will continue along the Liphook Road and into Standford.

Council have raised 2 very specific concerns.

1: The tankers that empty the water treatment site in Lindford up to 10 times per day are of such size that they will not be able to pass through the diversion route on the narrow double bend in Standford. No solution was given, we were advised that diversion routes have to be of the same road type or larger. E.g. a B road closure results in diversions through other B roads or A roads but not minor roads.

2: Statutory requirements were not fulfilled. Council, residents and businesses were not notified of the closure in the correct time frame or format. Discussions are underway as to why this occurred and whether we can request a consultation which originally did not take place, prior to works beginning.

Council fully take on board the complaints made by residents and businesses alike about alternative routes, particularly those of stagecoach buses and school buses which are not yet in place. These were all raised in the meeting. We will keep residents up to date with any changes and updates via our website and social media.

Woolmer Forest Lions:

John, president of Woolmer Forest Lions attended to keep us up to date with the work they do in the local community. They have kindly made a donation to our Christmas lights and we are hoping to work with them on our summer fete on 6th July 2024. They will be at The Royal Exchange on 19th December with Santas slay with small gifts for the children.

Social Media:

There have been some concerns over the councils use of social media, however the majority of councillors see an online interaction with the community as a positive thing. Councillors have all been invited to upcoming training sessions on the use of social media.

Grass repairs at the village hall:

These are still under review. There is no funding for this repair and we want to ensure that we make the right decision for the village hall users, particularly the nursery children who use this on a daily basis.

Storm Drain:

The drain on the footpath behind the village hall has caused concerns in recent months due to long term damage. The landowner was not clear and has fallen to us to make a significant repair to this which thankfully held during the recent storm. All signage should now have been removed and the pathway clear.

Washford Lane Bridge:

The river breached the bridge during the recent storm but we were able to review it the following morning and confirm the water level had subsided and no damage has been found.

S106 funding:

Developers funding is still available and we have been given further information on this. An application has been made for funding to improve our play areas. It may take time for this process to be approved and completed.

Outside Spaces funding:

We do have a small pot of funds available for outside space. Discussions have begun as to how this might be used with a suggestion of a boules area. We hope to have Headley Boules club in attendance at our summer fete and will use this to gage interest.

Speed Watch:

Training is underway but more volunteers are always needed. Please contact us if you would like to get involved. The process takes time and unfortunately the road closure may delay regular monitoring initially.


The digital speed limit sign needs significant repairs, council will need to decide whether to repair or replace. There is strong feeling that we would like to use the sign regularly to monitor volume and speed of traffic through the village. Again the road closures will impact this.


The village Christmas lights will be going up on 25th November.

Summer Fete:

Our summer fete will be held on 6th July 2024. We are already looking for stall holders, please get in contact if you would like to be involved either with a stall or sponsoring an activity. The summer fete will bring the community together and aims to raise money for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Are Ambulance. Committee meet again on 9th January to organise the next stages.