October News Update

October 2023 update

Tree Warden:

We are delighted that Valerie Thornton has agreed to officially be our tree warden. We are drafting a tree strategy and new policies at present.


Tanya our finance officer has requested a budget review as we are at our half way point in our financial year. This will take place next week.

Artificial grass:

We have been advised the moles are here to stay and the best way to ensure the artificial grass at the village hall is safe for use we will require mole mesh to be installed under a new grass. We are searching for quotes based on a detailed specification and will be looking closely at samples of mole mesh.

S106 funding update:

The 2 popular requests for spending have been an update to the children’s play areas in the village and an extension to the village hall to allow more storage for all its users. In particular this will allow the nursery who use the hall on a daily basis to have more equipment available for the children. The nursery provides the largest source of income to help cover the costs of running the hall; which is available for hire by local clubs and for private parties. We intend to put initial applications for both in imminently.

Speed watch:

Headley Road has now been approved as a speed watch location. Volunteers have begun online health and safety training and will then be trained on site on the equipment. At present we will be sharing resources with Bordon and Whitehill. We are still in need of further volunteers, please get in touch if you are interested. Sadly, our Speed Limit Reminder digital sign is broken and at present this will not be replaced.

Lindford Web Shop:

Our online shop is up and running selling polo shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, caps, beanies and bags. These currently feature our new goose motif however we will review whether the traditional Lindford logo can be made available also. www.lindfordpc.ogv.uk/shop


A big thank you to councillor Mike Smith who has donated a number of Lindford Goose badges to us for distribution.

Beer Mats:

We will be distributing these to the pub and club with our goose motif and a reminder of our web shop address.

Christmas decorations:

Last years decorations will be removed from the loft and checked over in the next few weeks. We intend to buy reusable batteries and chargers for the lights. The next working group meeting will be on 1st November. Christmas decorations will be installed across the village on the weekend of 23rd/24th November.

Summer Fete 2024:

Working party will conduct its first meeting on 1st November after Christmas discussions.


Our use of Facebook has proved controversial with longer standing members of council and we will vote next month on whether we continue its use. Our engagement with residents is increasing with social media use and at present attendance to our monthly meetings is low.

Repairs and maintenance:

Broken Drain
The storm drain on the footpath behind the village hall has broken. East Hampshire district council have denied responsibility for its repair. Investigations are ongoing.

Broken water meter
The water bills for the village hall have been creeping up and a meter reading was requested. It appears on inspection that the company who went to read the meter have damaged it and no reading has been made. We have been quoted a call out fee to have this looked at. Council agreed this was not acceptable and will be challenged.

Rubbish on Chase Road
A large collection of rubbish has been growing to the side of the flats. Abri Housing are aware but the problem is escalating and could be a fire risk or attract rats. We are continuing to chase for this to be removed.

Broken swing and waste bag dispenser
Both located on Mimosa green, we have requested our contractors to make the swing safe and are reviewing repairs options and costs.