September 2023 News Update



The parish councilors have been busy distributing our summer newsletter which should now have reached you all. If you haven’t received a copy we have spares at the parish office and it is also available on the website. Our next addition will be March 2024 but in the mean time we will be adding a monthly update to our website after each Parish Council meeting. Just a reminder we meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the village hall, all are welcome to attend.

The Village Hall:

Redecoration of the main hall took place during the summer with work on other areas due to be completed this week. Maintenance was also undertaken on the disabled toilet facilities.

We now have an action plan to resolve the issue of mole damage and replace the grass. The artificial grass is needed for the nursery who use the hall 5 days a week. It allows the children to have use of the garden all year round.

The plants at the hall are becoming a bit unruly and we will be looking to tidy this up also.


We are aware of flooding concerns at the allotments and are reviewing options as 1 plot has sadly become unusable.

Village benches:

A huge thank you to our councilors Derek and Ron who took time out of their day to replace the wooden slats on the village benches. Some of the benches in the village do not belong to us but we are in communication with the owner to try and get these replaced.


Our AED heated cabinet is ready to be installed and we just need to instruct an electrician to do this. All defibrillators are registered on the circuit. We hope you never need to use one but if you do the 999 call handler can direct you to your nearest and instruct you on how to use it.

S.106 funding:

This is a specific pot of money which has come from developers contributions. Lindford and other local villages directly impacted by the growing town have access to these funds. There are restrictions on what it can be used on and applications with quotes must be put forward to Hampshire District Councilor Andy Tree for approval. We have been asked by members of the public recently to make improvements to the childrens play parks in the village. This is currently our area of discussion but we are open to other ideas and councilors have been asked to put their thinking caps on and come back next month to discuss further what improvements may benefit the village. We are open to all suggestions.

Headley Road Safety and Speed Watch:

After a recent accident on the Headley Road, which unfortunately has happened on a number of occasions we contacted Highways at Hampshire County Council who have confirmed they will be reviewing the traffic signs and road marketing’s to see if any improvements can be made.

We will be siting our SLR (this is an electronic speed limit reminder sign) on the Headley Road shortly. Data will be collected from this to back up any future action that may be needed.

We have started to sign up volunteers for a Lindford Speed Watch scheme, training will be provided by Hampshire Police. At present we are awaiting approval to monitor the Headley Road but we intend to expand the scheme across the village to include various sections of the Liphook Road as well as Windsor Road.

Christmas 2023:

A working party has been set up and are due to meet later this week to begin making plans.

Summer Fete 2024:

Volunteers have come forward and we will be setting up a working party for the fete in due course. Anyone who would like to be involved in any way, please do contact us.