Lindford Parish Council consists of nine Councillors, a Parish Clerk and a Responsible Finance Officer. It is an important vehicle for putting forward the local interest. We also have a District Councillor and a County Councillor.

The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining the green spaces at Mimosa Green, the Triangle, Pear Tree Green and immediately outside the Village Hall. This involves providing, repairing and, where necessary, replacing play equipment. The Parish Council owns, and oversees the running of, the Village Hall, with a Committee in charge of the day-to-day business.

The Council addresses local issues, such as getting a 30mph speed limit through the Village, negotiating with the Highways Department at the County Council about traffic calming and commenting on planning applications. It is currently looking at the provision of allotments.

Parish Council meetings are held 7.15pm, on the first Tuesday of every month except August. In the month of an election the date may vary. Meetings are usually preceded by Planning Committee meetings starting at 7.00pm, to discuss the latest local planning applications. Members of the public are welcome to attend any of these meetings and details of them are available on the local notice boards and on this website. There is a Public Discussion item every month when local issues can be raised.

The Parish Council has an office at Lindford Village Hall, 35 Sycamore Road, Lindford, Hampshire, GU35 0RD; Tel: 01420 475788.

Under the Freedom of Information Act the Council has to publicise where to find various categories of data about its members and the documents it holds. Click here to view this document.