Lorraine Shaw

Email: lorraine.shaw@lindfordpc.co.uk

Tara Hotston from 16/5/2023

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Ron Ruttle from 16/5/2023

Derek Barr (Co-option in June 2023)

Email: derek.barr@lindfordpc.co.uk

Stanley Bennett, Councillor

Stanley Bennett


Email: stanley.bennett@lindfordpc.co.uk

Hannah Dayman, Councillor

Hannah Dayman (Chair from 16/5/23)


Email: hannah.dayman@lindfordpc.co.uk

Emma Keeling - Councillor

Emma Keeling (Vice chair from 16/5/23)

Vice Chair

Email: emma.keeling@lindfordpc.co.uk

George Watt

George Watt


Email: george.watt@lindfordpc.co.uk


Stephen Holden, Parish Clerk

Stephen Holden

Parish Clerk

Tel: 01420 475788

Email: admin@lindfordpc.co.uk

Tanya Hampshire

Tanya Hampshire

Finance Officer

Email: admin@lindfordpc.co.uk

The District and County Councillors are:

District Cllr Penny Flux penny.flux@easthants.gov.uk

Andy Tree

Andy Tree

County Councillor

Tel: 07545 536474

Email: andy.tree@hants.gov.uk