A flyer from Hampshire County Council gives some guidance about managing waste and what to do regarding a waste carrier when arranging waste disposal.

Hampshire County Council has commissioned Aster Living to provide a subsidised handyperson service across Hampshire for anyone over the age of 55, or anyone who is disabled (including families with disabled children). The aim is to provide a value for money and trusted handyman service to get those jobs done around the house that the householder can’t do. See the sample advertisement and the leaflet for further information.

Community Solutions is an Information and Support Service for people and for organisations in and around Whitehill and Bordon. There’s lots going on and many community organisations offering useful services in the town but it is sometimes difficult to find out about them. That’s what Community Solutions is all about. Click here to go to their website where you will find more information and a link to the latest e-newsletter.

Hampshire Library Service offers a free Home Library Service for Hampshire residents who struggle to get to their local library due to health/mobility issues or caring responsibilities. We currently have capacity to visit more people in their own homes thanks to our team of willing volunteers at Bordon Library, who are all DBS checked and are fully trained and supported by library staff. For further information contact staff at your local library, go to the library website https://www.hants.gov.uk/library, telephone 0300 555 1387, or contact Nicolette Morgan at Nicolette.morgan@hants.gov.uk.

Mediationfirst is a registered charity covering the Boroughs of Waverley and East Hants. The purpose of the service is to seek the resolution of actual or potential conflict between individuals, groups or organisations through a neutral third party intervention, so that different perspectives on a problem and opposing positions may be heard and where possible reconciled. See the leaflet and the guidance for referrers for further information.

East Hants District Council has appointed Kim Hardwick as Transport Manager for Whitehill and Bordon Eco-town. She has produced a leaflet about lift-sharing and another about the local cycle shops. She can be contacted on 07833 970210 or by email. She has set up a blog and is aiming to post on it once a week.

In addition to the Bordon Link and the Grayshott to Bordon Call & Go, there is now a new commuter taxi-share service. This pre-book service will link Lindford to Haslemere station providing a key commuter option for those without access to a car. Information on the route, pick up times and the cost can be found at www.hants.gov.uk/taxishares or by calling 01962 846786 for more information.

The Parish Council has an open space policy which is displayed and applies on all the Council-owned open spaces.

The Parish Council has a supply of litter-picking sticks. Many have been given to residents so that they can clear litter in the area where they live. If you would like to help clean up the village and would use a litter-picking stick, please contact the Parish Office at the Village Hall on 01420 474881.

Transport provided by community organisations is vital for many people in Hampshire to help them access services. Hampshire County Council, in partnership with the Hampshire Volunteer Centre Network, the CVS Network and the Good Neighbours Support Service has organised a campaign to recruit volunteer minibus and car drivers to drive minibuses owned by not-for-profit organisations subject to the appropriate training, or to carry passengers in their own cars for which they will receive a mileage allowance. Volunteers can give as little or as much time as they would like. The campaign aims to raise awareness of driving as a volunteering opportunity and how people can get involved. Anyone interested in finding out about becoming a volunteer driver can read more details online at www.hants.gov.uk/volunteerdrivers or contact the Hampshire Volunteer Centre Network on 0844 499 4088.

The Wheels to Work moped loan scheme is designed for people aged between 16 and 25 who do not have access to public or private transport to get them to a job, vocational training or to attend interviews. A moped can be loaned for 3 to 12 months depending on your circumstances. For more information see the webpage.

Hampshire County Council has now begun placing statutory public notice adverts in a free publication called the Hampshire Independent. This project has been the subject of extensive dialogue with district and borough councils at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Procurement Partnership (HIOWSPP).  By publishing the notices in a free newspaper, the County Council aims to make public notices widely available in a cost-effective way (on a like-for-like basis the County Council is expecting a reduction in cost of around 50%). The Hampshire Independent will be available free of charge at a large number of outlets across Hampshire, including retail organisations such as Tesco Express and ASDA and at County Council establishments such as libraries. There will be five copies in Lindford Parish Council office. Hampshire residents have been informed of these changes by means of a short article in the latest edition of Hampshire Now and further information appears on the County Council website.

Public notices are now available online at www.hants.gov.uk/publicnotices, making them more accessible to a wide cross-section of residents. This improves the transparency of public messages by placing them in the most convenient channel for residents. Other councils wishing to publish their notices on the County Council’s portal are also now able to subscribe to the service for a small fee. Residents who do not have access to the internet may wish to visit their Parish Council office to see a public notice. The portal is very simple to use but if you need more details about it, please contact Debbie Parin, Procurement Manager for Partnerships on 02392 467253.

A number of authorities are already using the online Hampshire public notices portal and there has been strong interest in the new advertising/publication contract from a number of councils. The County Council’s public notices can be viewed online together with those of several other Hampshire authorities, for example, Fareham Borough Council. Members of the public who do not have access to the internet at home can view these web pages at their local library. Special arrangements have also been made for people who may find it difficult to obtain a copy of the Hampshire Independent. In these circumstances, the company will post a copy to individual members of the public free of charge. Contact Assistant Director, Neil Jones (01962 846180), or Project Manager, Debbie Parin, with any queries or questions.